Working in business, you will understand the importance of visibility and appearance. As you strive to market yourself and your business, increased visibility will only be fruitful if your appearance is suitably impressive, professional and attractive to potential customers.

This is especially true, when it comes to headshot photography. If your hair is unkempt or your picture is blurry, your potential business partners, investors and clients will not be impressed. 

a professional business headshot helps to engage prospective clients

Numerous uses for professional headshots

Many business owners simply do not see the purpose of business portraits. We think that this is a mistake. Headshots can be utilised in a variety of different manners. When launching a brand new website, you’ll want to add a personal message alongside and impressive corporate headshot, which show your professionalism and introduces you to potential clients. It is also a good idea to place a professional business headshots on your social media profiles. This helps to build trust and add credence to your personal brand.

Send a message

When building an online presence or interacting with your potential customers, you need to maximise your opportunities to make an impression. Your headshot  should introduce you, whilst also showcasing your professionalism and approachability. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A professional headshot is another box to tick in building online trust with future clients.

Time to take action

Once you’ve decided that you need a professional headshot, you should give Bakehouse a call. During the initial conversation, we will discuss:

  • Existing brand
  • The style of photo that you prefer
  • What you would like to convey to the viewer
  • Your desired result
  • Who needs business headshots? You and other employees, or just you?

Armed with this information, we will be able to set up a photo-shoot, which will be sure to satisfy each and every one of your needs. The end result will be a headshot that you can be proud of and that will undoubtedly help put your clients at ease.