biltong photography for food manufacturers

Before we go any further, you might be wondering what biltong is. It’s a lean meat that’s marinated and dried in steaks, enjoyed across South Africa. It’s ruddy lovely.

So, we were hired to shoot high quality food images for BareFoot Biltong in Bridlington, which is great because we love a bit of alliteration with our meat products. As with most projects of this nature, shots were required for their website and social media, as well as to grab the customer’s attention during e-commerce (you can find out more about the lovely Strawberry Too project to redesign the B.F.B. website here)

When it comes to food photography, it’s not simply a case of plonking something tasty onto a table and taking a few snaps. Whether it’s cooked dishes or packaged snacks, food is one of the most difficult subjects to capture attractively without using digital cheats. This is why we also provide expert food styling and creative direction, right there on your premises. With exact positioning, complimentary lighting and perfect framing, we’re delighted to say that BareFoot Biltong’s new gallery accurately represents their products in mouth-watering splendour.

Biltong is not the most attractive food to photograph, so when we were told about Ben at Bakehouse Studios being able to make the biltong look amazing with his photography, we were a little dubious. They came with all sorts of props to create the type of photographs we were looking for, and the result was jaw dropping!!! But don’t take our word for it, check out the images on our website and then see if you can find any better, I can tell you that you won’t. These guys know their stuff!!!

— Zoe, Barefoot Biltong

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