Once you’ve decided to get a new business headshot, DON’T BOOK IN TO SEE A PHOTOGRAPHER (before you’ve read the rest of this post!)

Although business folk undeniably live hectic lifestyles, it is imperative to give yourself time to prepare for a headshot photo shoot thoroughly, before it arrives! Within this guide, you will find headshot tips, which will help you to prepare for your upcoming headshot photo shoot!

business headshots for entrepreneurs

Booking Additional Appointments

If you want your business portrait to really stand out, you need to look your absolute best, during the shoot. Before visiting your headshot photographer, it is highly recommended that you visit to your hairdresser (2 or 3 days before the shoot). Once your hair has been styled to perfection, you may want to book a session with your dental hygienist for a scale and polish. This combination will help to ensure that you look your best and that your business headshots will be truly vibrant. Some people choose to use a professional makeup artist, if that’s you then you will need to visit them en route to the studio (or arrange to meet them there!)


Before the day of your photoshoot, you should check out other headshots, to give you some ideas (Pinterest is great for this). Be sure to consider your wardrobe as well. Although the entirety of your clothing will not be visible, some of it will. Selecting the appropriate blouse or shirt will bring more attention to your face and help to ensure that you obtain immaculate and absolutely stunning professional profile pictures! Some photographers recommend sticking to simple block colours, personally we think you should feel super confident and at ease, so wear what suits you, but be aware of how people will interpret your choices!

A Week Before

After you’ve scheduled your photo shoot begin to prepare your wardrobe. Once you’ve selected and ironed a few potential combinations, hang them up ready for the day of the shoot.

Day Before

Eat well, drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep.

Photo Shoot Day

Relax! You couldn’t be more prepared. Set of early, don’t stress and most importantly, have a good time.