In an increasingly visual world, it is imagery that consumers most often connect with – and it is through video that your message can be delivered, in an altogether more compelling way.

We consistently capture companies in their best light – and we do this in many different ways. We tell brand stories. We ensure promotions are visually captivating and social media friendly.

We create internal communications that are made more meaningful for there being a human face, and voice, to a message. And we craft case studies, testimonials, and ‘talking head’ interviews.



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That just leaves the question of – why us?

video production for businesses

Consumers habits have changed. Whether B2B or B2C your audience are today more time constrained than ever. Video is capable of making people care – of connecting with individuals, quickly.

video production hull

On time and on budget. We understand that budgets and deadlines are important. When we take a project on we always respect this. Timescales and costs are always clearly documented.

hull video production

Training - Always a challenging, imposing task, no matter the industry. And when employees are disengaged, there’s little point in delivering the training in the first place. Revolutionise your training schedule, with a medium that entrances.

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Your story matters. But it’s never going to be given the fairy-tale ending it deserves when told through flat, static graphics or a brochure. Video propels businesses in the digital age – no matter the marketing challenge or corporate communication task.

Inspire. Enthral. Compel. Ensure your audience takes action.

No matter the end audience – be it employee, consumer or colleague, video is capable of incredible things. Read for yourself, with the glowing client testimonial below.

We asked Bakehouse to help us to create a range of videos to promote our work in the Telecoms sector. Working together over a hectic schedule we created customer testimonials, our brand story and meet the team videos. The guys made the whole process painless and we had a great time on the shoot. Would wholeheartedly recommend their work to others.
Martin Coleman, Operators Director, TSI Voice & Data Ltd
Martin Coleman TSI Voice and Data