Google Business View. More than a 360 tour.

When you search Google, you want it to take the work out of finding relevant information. In the past a selection of links would suffice, but today we want visual engagement to help us choose which site to click on.

Google Business View is a virtual tour of your premises that appears in Google Search, Google Local and Google Maps. As well as helping your business stand out from competitors, this popular Bakehouse Studio package can also improve your local search rankings: it’s SEO at its most visual.

Once they’ve found you, a searcher can explore your premises and view anything they want to. More importantly, they can view anything you want them to. Whilst a restaurant can convey its ambiance and style, an independent boutique can promote product lines, and even include models to bring them to life.

In fact, Google Business View is more than a 360 degree tour. The high-res photography is yours to use and you also receive point of interest images to use as you wish – perfect for your website and social media channels. 

Invite searchers into your business virtually and you’ll find that they soon visit you in person. Get in touch with Ben at Bakehouse Studio on 01482 420501 to discuss how you can get an instant advantage over the competition.