Commercial Photography in Hull and Yorkshire


Whatever industry you’re in, high quality photography is at the heart of your brand and tells your customers exactly what to expect.

At Bakehouse, nobody understands more how the power of photography can propel your business to the next level. Whether you need images for the Web or Print, trust in us to deliver exactly what your customers want to see.

A Commercial Photographer that understands your needs

Bakehouse Studio, Hull specialises in producing commercial photography to strengthen your brand and increase sales. With personal expertise in retail, corporate, IT, food and hospitality industries we are geared up to help you to realise your visual identity. Strong images can enhance products and marketing communications, compelling greater attention in a crowded market.


Great products should shine, whether on the web or in print – we can help you to create unforgettable images, to show the very best side of your products.


Successful marketing campaigns are a perfect union of words and pictures. A commercial photographer understands what it takes to raise your profile and turn heads.

Press & PR

Whether you’re looking for coverage of a live event, or a commercial photographer to accompany a press release – professional images help you to stand out from the crowd.



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