Social media photograph of a delicious sausage roll from Hull Pie

When it comes to visual marketing, consistency is key. However, you don’t have to launch all of your activity at exactly the same time.

Once we’ve captured your signature dishes and drinks menu in a set of visually engaging Social Media Images, we recommend that you update all communications materials immediately. This way, if one person sees your latest tweet and another visits your website, they’ll both get the same feel for your brand. Even more importantly, there won’t be any confusion, such as if a potential customer comes across two very different shots of the same subject matter.

Still, not everything has to be done all in one go. For instance, update your digital materials but save some budget for the rest of the year, spreading it out over a range of activity. Whether it’s an Instagram competition in January, a Facebook advert in February and a newspaper article in March or something completely different, you’ll attract and retain the interest and loyalty of a wider audience over a longer timeframe.

And remember, marketing doesn’t have to cost the earth. Once you have your images, think up some ways to get them out there for free. This could be a blog post designed to be shared, or perhaps adding images to business cards and letterheads that you already plan to have printed. Use your imagination and think visually!

A set of Bakehouse Studio Social Media Photography can do more for your business than hundreds of amateur shots. For further enquiries and to book a session, get in touch with Ben on 01482 420501, or use our contact form.