As commercial photographers, it’s said that we shouldn’t work with animals or children, but we’ve never had a problem with either. What was difficult, however, was taking promotional shots for Cocoa Chocolatier and Patisserie in Hull’s Trinity Indoor Market, as Jon Collins is such a confectionery wizard that we almost ate the subject matter before it was photographed.

food photography for small businesses

We’ve known Jon for a while and have always wanted to capture his mouth-watering creations on film, so this job was a real treat. Experimenting with flavour, Jon presents all-time favourites like strawberry, mint and caramel alongside more exotic combinations, such as rose, chilli and candied orange segments. Then there are his brownies, which have such sublime taste and texture that it’s almost impossible to choose just one.

Cocoa Chocolatier and Patisserie is a prime example of the power of small business. Handcrafting everything himself, Jon’s becoming quite the celebrity in Hull, especially since he added peanut butter crunch to his range. Yet with so much competition both on the street and online, he realises that high quality food photography is essential to the ongoing success of his company.

These images are now used across Cocoa’s Facebook and Twitter channels. Take a look, give him a follow, then pay a visit and delight your taste buds.