Social media image of a hotdog

We’ve all done it. You go to a café, restaurant or bar and take a quick pic of your meal or cuppa. Maybe you crop it a little, turn it on a jaunty angle and even add one or two popular food hashtags. After all, you want people to see how refined your palate is, and maybe make them a little jealous in the process. Face it, we’re all food photographers!

Free publicity is fantastic, but if you’re the owner or manager of a business that serves food and drink, it’s essential that you make it just as easy for your online audience to find quality images designed for sharing. Your head chef’s dishes and baristas’ signature drinks are served without an Instagram filter, so that’s how they should be seen online too.

We love food and are passionate about the importance of faithfully communicating its appearance online. The social media images we take are striking thanks to professional lighting and an expert eye, working closely with you to achieve the perfect shot.

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