testimonial videos for businesses

We’ve heard it all before: testimonial video content is ‘nice-to-have’, but there are budget and time restrictions, and the final result may not be worth the time and effort. Right? Wrong. Testimonial videos should be an essential tool in your customer communication toolkit, especially if you are a B2B business. 

Testimonial videos are very cost effective and are far easier to create than you might think. If you’re offering an excellent service or product, then you’ll definitely have some enthusiastic customers who are happy to share what a great experience they’ve had.

By capturing their feedback on video, people will see the genuine satisfaction on your client’s faces in video format, rather than just reading written testimonials, which don’t come across in quite the same way.

Just take a look at these (Forbes) stats…

  • A third of all time spent online is spent watching video content.
  • 59% of all company decision-makers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post.
  • 65% of business decision-makers visit a company’s website after watching its video content.
  • 70% reported that video performed better than other content in terms of conversions (ReelSEO). Furthermore 82% said they had success overall with B2B video marketing campaigns (Vidyard).

The numbers don’t lie. If your business isn’t using video content to promote itself, you’re way behind the times. And the longer you put creating video content off, the further behind you’ll fall.

The benefits of using testimonial videos for B2B

The audience for B2B video content isn’t like B2C; creating something memorable that resonates is obviously important, but what’s more important is affirming that you can bring value to a customer’s business. Video Testimonials are the key to B2B businesses cracking video content. They create trust, because prospective clients can see real value in your offering, through a genuine customer’s perspective.

If another business is going to work with you, they need to see what you have done for others, and also feel that they can trust your product or service. And what better way to win them over than with positive feedback from existing business clients? It’s important for prospective clients to see other people’s point of view, rather than just hearing about how great you are directly from you, which somehow isn’t quite as believable.

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 85% of consumers turn to online reviews to determine whether or not a local business is reputable. That’s exactly what a testimonial video is, a review of your product or service, in visual form, which makes it appear more believable and trustworthy.

How to use testimonial videos

B2B business can use testimonial videos to show off their product or service, as well as create engaging web content. Not only will users absorb and retain more of the information than if you’d offered it in body content, making them more likely to convert, but video views on your site send positive ranking signals to search engines, as users are recorded as interacting with your site, rather than passively scrolling.

As well as using testimonial videos on your website, and sending them to prospective clients, you can use them to generate brand awareness. Don’t just use your testimonial videos on your website, promote them across several popular video platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube. Testimonials can be used for social media and advertising campaigns, sent out in information packs, and placed at key places in the user purchase journey on your site.

As we mentioned, testimonial videos are far simpler to create than you might think. You don’t need to interview your clients for hours on end, you only need to ask them a few simple questions, such as:

  • What were the issues the speaker’s business was facing?
  • How did your business help?
  • What were the tangible results (use exact figures, don’t just say ‘they improved things’)?
  • Why would they recommend your business?

Testimonial videos also don’t have to be done in the traditional sense. If you’re up for getting creative, you can approach things slightly differently. For example, testimonial videos can be used to show off customer reviews and demonstrate how your product or service works at the same time, so you get double the benefit.

Keep in mind that customers don’t have to be interviewed via a green screen, you can film them in all sorts of interesting locations. Testimonial videos can be used as a way to show off your business premises and facilities, we can interview people in eye catching locations that way your video more visually appealing.

We are extremely flexible in our approach to online videos and we love to get stuck in and produce creative testimonial videos as well as straightforward testimonial videos that deliver every time. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you to produce stand out b2b testimonial video content.