Bakehouse Studio on Pinterest

Let’s pretend for a moment that all of the restaurants in your local area removed all images from their branding: adverts, flyers, menus, listings websites… Everything to do with those restaurants has had all of the photographs removed.

When all that you have left is text, it becomes very difficult to judge which restaurant you should choose – even if we know and understand that images can be misleading, we rely on them to send us signals.

It doesn’t matter if the text used is best copywriting ever to grace the web; if there is no photograph to prove to you that the Golden Dragon really does serve mouth-watering duck (and not a dried out husk), it will just come down to the toss of a coin.

Now imagine that these restaurants all have great images, in all the right places and they are all fair representations of the food that they serve…

What will be the deciding factor here? You still have the same problem of deciding which to choose, if they are similar style restaurants, serving similar style dishes.

The Dining Experience. That’s how. The restaurant that shows just food photography, regardless of how attractive it is, is going to lose out to the restaurant that uses human psychology to its own advantage.

Psyche out your target audience

That sounds a little intense, but this is what it boils down to. People don’t respond to method, they respond to result. What do the best estate agents sell, because it isn’t property? They sell the location first, the property second.

A car salesman will not try to sell you that flashy car that you both know you don’t need, he will sell you on the idea that walking just isn’t as much fun!

So how about restaurants and selling the dining experience? For example Bakehouse can provide amazing food photography and also photography that sells the ‘results’ of dining: an enjoyable evening, in a nice setting with bright and friendly staff and customers.

Pinterest is a picture showcase

The above ‘rules’ apply to any business, regardless of industry, but they can be difficult to implement for some businesses.

Simply uploading all of your photographs to your website could make a mess of your (it’s a restaurant after all, not an art gallery) – and in most cases pages of photos just won’t make sense to anyone visiting your site via a Google.

What you need is a service where all of your gorgeous, professional food photography can be shown off in all of its glory.

What you need is Pinterest! This site has literally exploded in popularity, hitting 10 million unique views a month. Emphasis on unique.

Is there a better way to get your business seen? Google loves Pinterest, and rightly so, but you do need to do it properly.

Try to use images that you can link directly back to your site and in some kind of context, although this won’t always be possible you should try to do this wherever you can.

Your stunning photos are then more easily shared to other social networks too, which provides you the opportunity to provide a little background for your images, and show your social connections all of your other photographs… And your products and services.

If you are stuck for photo ideas, don’t worry – Bakehouse will be able to advise you on the best way to go about getting the images that you need.

Get yourself on Pinterest, if you haven’t already, and watch your opportunities grow! You can follow Bakehouse there too.