yorkshire corporate video micro content by bakehouse studio

Video micro content allows you to take advantage of video based marketing, with minimal investment and maximum benefit. Long, or complicated video isn’t always the best approach to video content marketing – sometimes a 15 second video says it all – that’s where micro content can help.

What is micro content?

Micro content is anything that’s quick and easy for viewers to consume, a photo, infographic or short video for example. Videos could be anything from product launches to tips of the day, or even Friday Funnies. Whatever get’s your audience clicking.


People are bombarded with information, and it’s been proven time and again that video (and images in general) resonate with viewers the most. Long videos don’t suit every market, and they’re not the only way to use sites like YouTube or Vimeo to promote your company.

We can help you to build a video marketing, or video social media presence quickly and painlessly, get in touch to find out more.