Regulations and health & safety place complex demands on your company. We create videos that help to communicate your message clearly and effectively.

We develop films that deliver critically important training, beautifully. We produce videos that engage viewers – whose safety on site relies on their attention, from beginning to end. We work alongside every form of industrial client, from chemical parks to construction companies, to produce exactly what their corporation needs to convey through film.

How you can benefit from our services...

Video for industry

Training videos. Delivering good training is a time consuming process for all involved. Despite the best efforts of trainers to engage – sometimes attention falls by the wayside. Our video productions are crafted to keep all eyeballs to the front!

Leeds Video Production

Health and safety, communicated with clarity - The safety of your site is governed by many health and safety procedures and processes. Our videos will help you to simplify this message

Video Production Leeds

Industrial production. Telling your company's story in a way that engages viewers from varied backgrounds may seem a tough task. Our productions are built for this - sparking interest and grabbing your audiences attention.

yorkshire video production

Flexible, versatile and reliable – Beyond training, health and safety videos and corporate communications lie a host of other applications for video in the industrial and manufacturing sector. We produce the goods – no matter the project at hand.

Video production for the toughest of industries

We are a production house that gets the job done, creatively, on time and on budget - and our clients can be found voicing their agreement.

“Masters of all things photographic....” From hi resolution macros to stunning aerial footage, oh and not to mention improvised panning video from the back of a Range Rover! Nothing phases these guys and all undertaken confidently and in the spirit of partnership. I would highly recommend Cairn and his Bakehouse colleagues for any project large or small.
Tim Gray, Joint Owner, CorrBoard UK Ltd., MD, Dairi-Pak Ltd. and Chairman, UK Sheet Plant Association
Tim Gray Corrboard and Dairi-Pak