Hull Pie. Food photography of delicious pie dinner!

You’re in charge of a cafe, bar or restaurant. You work hard to get new customers through the doors, and secretly dream of your tweets going viral. Imagine that – a photo of your signature dish or a perfectly prepared hot chocolate being seen by the likes of Stephen Fry and Scarlett Johansson, not to mention plenty of people who may actually pay you a visit. That would take your profits to the next level.

Or would it? Sure, it must be incredible to be featured on everything from Sky News to BuzzFeed for a day or two, but by the following week it’s fallen out of the public eye, even locally. Ah, we don’t mean to take all the fun out of it, but if you want your social media to really work for you then stop thinking viral and start thinking about regular, sharable news and images!

Bakehouse Studio can perfectly capture your venue using professional lighting, years of expertise and a perfectionist approach. However, it’s what you then do with the images that makes all the difference. We recommend consistancy: update your digital materials (and printed if applicable) to achieve a refreshed look that gets people talking. This way, your regular patrons and target audience will be greeted by the same imagery, regardless of how they access it.

Excellent Social Media Photography that’s worth sharing can do more for your business than a new logo or a fresh coat of paint! For further enquiries and to book a session, get in touch with Ben on 01482 420501, or use our contact form.