Noise to signal ratio - are you connecting or are they just scrolling on by?

Noise to signal ratio – are you connecting or are they just scrolling on by?

I think I’m developing repetitive strain injury in my index finger and I’m blaming social media. A typical check-in on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and I’m immediately riding the scroll wheel. Don’t get me wrong: I want to hear what you have to say BUT you’re not saying it. I want to see fresh, relevant and authentic content from the pages that I subscribe to, but more often than not I’m seeing article links, memes, quotes and ‘words of wisdom’. 

Sure, if you’ve found some great content share it, but if you’re only featuring other people’s content then perhaps you need to take a fresh look at your social media.

— Ben

Social Media channels are a great way to build awareness and drive traffic back to your main website (for some businesses social media IS their main website), but you need to engage with your readers to achieve this. Blog posts are great and offer a double whammy, fresh content on your website and something to post to social media about. Three or four decent blog posts a month are going to do a lot more for your online presence than sharing third party content to Facebook.

At Bakehouse we believe that building up a reserve of quality, original photography is the back bone of creating shareable, engaging content. You can try this yourselves with your own camera, but consider the benefits of hiring a professional photographer – professionals know what works and how to work quickly to capture compelling images. If you’re based in Yorkshire and would like to speak to us about a Social Media Photography package, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re constantly looking for useful research around the use of images online, we gather it together on our Bakehouse Pinterest page – follow us there if you’d like to keep ahead of the game!