Standing out from the crowd is easier than you think

Every day your customers have made a decision to come in.

They might have Googled “restaurants in hull” , seen an advert that you’ve put in the paper, or they may have just walked by.

Most of your diners will make their buying decision long before they arrive. And as a restaurant owner that pre-purchase period is your battlefield.

Your goal is is have people salivating before they come in – using any marketing channels that work. However, many restaurants are let down here by something critical, that’s easy to fix.

That one thing is photography.

Even though you deliver excellent dining experiences, customers might turn you down because somewhere else looked better on paper.

Photography is how somebody can experience your menu before arriving. This is your big chance to get customers excited.

Why isn’t food photography easy?

Fluorescent lighting in kitchens doesn’t often do food justice. You’d probably need a Photoshop session to counteract any unpleasant lighting and bring out the vibrant colours in food. Presentation is everything.

Chances are that you don’t have those skills within your business.

And although taking pictures with your iPhone can work (Instagram filters are good), it’s not the same as a professional shoot.

Great photography is about picking the right angles, choosing the best surroundings and making your establishment shine.

Restaurant food photography

Because there’s more to food than food. Diners want to see the story behind how it’s made, and feel the experience. That might be action-shots of chefs with flames ablaze, or the swanky decor, or perhaps the Downton Abbey-style surroundings. Exceptional photography tells that story and goes beyond the menu.

You know as well as we do that the UK restaurant market is incredibly competitive. In Yorkshire, even more so. If you want to grow your business and keep customers coming back – photography is your opportunity to be MUCH, MUCH better than the rest.

Outstanding photography allows you to benefit from online marketing in a big way too. You can look around our Bakehouse blog for advice and ideas that will fill help you fill your restaurant.

For every customer you have, there’s many more who’ve browsed and have gone elsewhere.

If you can take them on a journey before they even arrive, you can bet that they’ll give your restaurant a try.

At Bakehouse, we specialise in Food Photography. Whether you’re serving Sushi or Sardines, Poppadoms or Pies – Bakehouse will show customers how scrummy your food really is.

Call Ben on 01482 420 501 or email [email protected] to learn how a photoshoot can get your restaurant to thrive.