Professional cameras, lighting, drones and motion control.

When we're working on projects we like to put 100% of our focus on to making creative, effective films. We can do this because we've chosen to work with some of the best corporate video production equipment on the market.

We own all of the following equipment outright, if we need specialist kit we have relationships with the major rental houses.

 hull production company

HD & 4K Cameras: We shoot with a couple of professional 4K Sony FS5's and a Sony A7R2 for timelapses.

 hull video production

Motion Control: Steadicam Scout HD, large Kessler slider, small Kessler slider, Kessler Second Shooter 3 Axis Motion Control System‎, small Kessler jib, large Hague 4 metre Jib crane. And a few tripods.

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Sound: wireless Sony mics plus Rode and Audio-Technica wired microphones. We edit using Yamaha studio monitors. Sound is really important and can make or break a film.

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Light: We use Dedo Lights, they're small and don't give off much heat; spend a day filming in August to understand the value of this.

 hull film production

Aerial Filming: We fly a DJI Inspire Pro drone with a 4K X5 camera (we're approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and hold a PoCO, Permission for Commercial Operations). We're also approved to fly at night.

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Teleprompters: Don't worry if you need a hand remembering your lines. We've got two teleprompters, with remote controls to help you out.

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Edit suite: We edit using Mac's and PC's using Adobe Creative Cloud and Davinci Resolve. We use Eizo colour managed screens.