Sometimes our video production services land a really tasty project like this promotional film for Hobo. Hobo is a Hull-based smokehouse and grill, visiting events across the length and breadth of the UK out of a recycled shipping container. It’s as awesome as it sounds.

Started in their back garden, Hobo is quickly developing into a familiar site at festivals, including Eroica Britannia, Love Supreme, Just So Festival, Wickerman, Freedom Festival, On Blackheath and many more. High on flavour and rich in technique, words alone don’t do the Hobo experience justice, which is why they hired us to create a promotional video full of relish and spice.

Working with Spencer, Mr Hobo himself, we combined food styling and close-up shots with realtime cooking to give a proper feel for what this passionate independent company is all about. This required setting up in the middle of the kitchen one minute, and stepping back to let the master work his magic the next. The result is a promo video ideal for Hobo’s website and social media, capable of making your belly grumble in just 49 seconds.

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Techniques used: 4K filming, 6x slow motion, camera slider, hand held, music, colour grading.