regular video content for social media channels

Bakehouse is pleased to bring you Scoff, our regular video and photography content service to feed your social media animal.

We all know that Social Media is a hungry beast. The minute breakfast is served he’s asking for lunch. To stay fit and healthy Social needs feeding, we’re here to help you with portion control.

Scoff is a social media ready-meal. Perfectly formed pieces of microcontent – pictures and videos to you and me – to feed your Social. A well fed social media will play nicely with passers by, encouraging them to say hello more often and maybe even pop around for a coffee.

Scoff takes the pain out of making fresh social media content. We visit regularly (you can decide how often) to capture, edit and package up video and images for you to share on your social channelsSimple, effective visual content for your social marketing.

Example dishes

Scoff content is tailored around your business. Here are some ideas to get started…

  • Customer testimonials
  • How to videos
  • Meet the team videos
  • Video headshots
  • Interviews
  • Guided tours
  • Product introductions
  • Seasonal messages
  • Company announcements
  • Visual sales materials
  • Behind the scenes videos

… the options are endless – it’s all about keeping your audience interested, engaged and sharing.

A bit more about microcontent

Microcontent is an internet marketing term given to small, easily digestible chunks of information, ideally suited to sharing on social media. We make visual content, images and videos, to support your wider marketing efforts. There are 100’s of studies and statistics to support the view that people prefer visual information. They consume more of it, remember it for longer and take action more often because of it.

With the best will in the world, many organisations struggle to maintain a ready supply of content for their social media. We can help you by creating and managing a structured approach to creating content. We look after the frequency and content ideas (or help you to develop your own content ideas), leaving you to manage posting to social media and engaging with your followers.

Scoff for agencies

We all know that catering for bigger parties can be tricky, especially if it’s for a bunch of rowdy Socials. Scoff can be white labelled by your agency allowing you to concentrate on front of house (that’s right, we’re going to wring this food metaphor out to the very end).

We’ll take away the pain of creating briefs for social content by simply getting on with it. We’re experienced video experts and marketers – we know what works and how to develop content in line with brand values and required outcomes. We concentrate solely on making visual content to support your existing social media contracts.