We can offer our clients a full, portable green screen filming solution. This allows us to replace the background in a shot after we've filmed. For you, this means less disruption and more flexibility for your final video.


Why Use Green Screen Filming for business videos?

Green screen filming (also known as chroma key) is an effective way to capture footage, which allows the background to be replaced at a later time. It offers a number of benefits to businesses which can make filming quicker, cheaper and more flexible.

What is green screen filming?

You will have seen many examples of green screen filming, often without realising. Modern techniques are ultra realistic. TV news and weather love green screens. They use them to create virtual studios and animated maps behind their presenters.

Green screen (or sometimes blue screen) uses a brightly coloured fabric to create a background screen. This is paired with a process known ‘chroma keying’ which replaces the green colour with a photograph, other video footage or CGI.

Examples of chroma key and green screen.

We could talk about applications for businesses, like using chroma key to switch up a video's 'look' - or to add a quieter office environment. We could discuss how green screen can save time, allowing management teams to record video in one session, and then virtually relocate them as required. Or... we could show you to Shia LeBeouf's Do It video. 

Here's Shia LeBeouf in front of a green screen. 

...and here's Shia LeBeouf meeting Superman.

Benefits of green screen filming

There are lots of benefits to using green screen for business videos, even if you don't have Shia LaBeouf on the payroll. A big benefit is saved time – no more expensive trips to get the management team in one location on one day. Shoot on green screen and bring it all together in the edit.

Our portable green screen set up is easy to move around. It can be assembled and put into action in almost any location.  Somewhere as simple as a hotel conference room (or office, or meeting room) can be used for green screen shooting. We usually take an hour to set up and minutes to dismantle.

Using a green screen allows for better branding (and updating of branding) of video content and helps to achieve a consistent look and feel to everything we shoot for you.  Branding elements can be added filming, which means you don’t need to have a physical branded backdrop for each shoot.  You can also alter branding elements at a future point in time without having to re-shoot the footage.

Finally if you need to film an out doors scene, green screens are brilliant. Film inside when it's raining, add the outdoors background on a sunny day

We can help you to film effective green screen videos for your business.

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