⦿ 4m Hague Jib crane + operator crew
⦿ 2m Kessler pocket Jib
⦿ Sony FS5 cameras

Having access to our own 4m jib crane is a great benefit to our clients. We can quickly set up a variety of elevated shots lifting and moving professional cameras high above the action. The jib is great for working close to people, crowds etc. and helps to create some brilliant reveal shots.

camera jib hire hull

Drone not an option

We love using our drone to get impressive aerial shots, but sometimes our 4m jib is a better fit for clients. For low level camera movement in busy, or residential areas we always recommend the use of one of our professional jib cranes.

Adds production value

Few tools add quick production value like the jib crane. Now a staple of many TV productions the jib will add an established aesthetic to any production. Jib shots immediately increase the perceived 'value' of a film.

Versatile payload

Our jib crane will lift professional cameras up to 9kg in weight, that means we can provide high quality 4K elevated footage, using any of our cine lenses, including powered zooms.

Controlled motion

Our motorised pan and tilt head allows for complete creative control - in other words we can make some lovely multi-dimensional camera moves that can help bring a film to life.