how to provide value from online video

Advertising works. Of course it does, otherwise Google wouldn’t be a multi billion dollar company.

…but unless you have bottomless pockets, brand awareness advertising may not be the best fit for your organisation. This post will show you six approaches to creating video for your business and offering value to your audience.

Online video platforms allow for extremely accurate audience targeting, but what kind of video should you create? Of all of the different types of online video, it is the educational, informative or entertaining ones which succeed most often. They foster goodwill, get shared more and keep people coming back for more.

People love good video, it is easy to consume, it doesn’t take much time and it can convey multiple messages quickly (not just what you do, but how you do it, how you present your brand, tone of voice, personal touch etc). By moving the focus away from you and what you do, to your customer and how you can help to solve their problems, you will see a better return on your video investment.

Here are six ideas for providing value through video

1. Customer testimonials. Your audience is looking to make a decision, they’ve found your organisation and you look like a good fit, but they need proof. Social proof (reviews, testimonials etc.) are a powerful weapon, especially when they’re presented as a story.. what challenges did you solve for Acme Widgets & Co., how did Acme enjoy working with you, what have you enabled them to do and how do they feel about that.

2. Product demonstrations. If you sell a product then video is the perfect way to show people people how it works. If it’s a technical product, video will simplify your explanation; if it’s a time saver you can show exactly how much time you can save. Regardless of the product, people prefer to see it in action first – video is a portable storefront and sales demonstrator and a good video will help your audience to make their decision with more confidence.

3. Expertise and thought leadership. Thought leadership is a bit of a buzzword right now, but it’s a sound principle. If you provide a service, or if your expertise is your product then share some wisdom. Accountants can share tax tips, architects can share planning advice, IT security experts can help people to make their laptop safe – whatever you do can be shared, and promoted by video. ‘Expert videos’ are great for your social media and for email campaigns. Once you correctly target this type of video it acts as an always on, 24/7 sales channel for you.

4. Training. The natural evolution of your pre-sales demonstration. By creating training videos you can alleviate demand on post-sales support teams, allowing them to focus on more complex support issues. Perhaps of equal importance, you can demonstrate ahead of a sale that you have comprehensive support for your in-life clients. Video can show how to use software, change a user serviceable part or access useful but often overlooked aspects of a telephone system. Whatever your industry you can use video to act as a training aid pre- and post-sales.

5. Q&A’s or Frequently Asked Questions. If your organisation supports customers post-sale, or manages in-life customer relationships, there are bound to be a tonne of regular, repeat questions. Video can help you to create standardised answers to these enquiries and assist you in scaling your support. Similarly, if you regularly employ people video can be a great way of answering new starters questions, or inducting people on to site.

6. News or Influencer interviews. If your industry is fast moving, with regular changes or product evolution then presenting news updates by video is a great way to raise your profile and take new product ideas directly to your client base. Similarly, you can engage with other industry experts in complementary fields and create content in partnership, harnessing each others network for exposure. It’s certainly not for everyone, and this type of video content requires effort, but it is how a significant majority of people set to enter the workplace over the next 5 years are used to receiving information. If you believe that it’s worth shaping your marketing to appeal to the Youtube generation, then this type of video is the way to do it.