Too many small business owners see video marketing as something that isn’t within their grasp.

It’s not just the big boys that are making an impact with online video. You don’t have to have a multi-million pound budget to strike a chord with your audience. Sure, there’s the John Lewis and Coca Cola ads of the world, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

 video marketing for small businesses

There’s a growing collection of small businesses that have seized their right to capitalise on video marketing. They’ve entered the video marketing arena and won, and sometimes with the most simple yet genius concepts and smallest of budgets.

The truth is, your business is unlikely to get the traction it desires by only posting corporate content. Video is a much more engaging way to deliver your message and speak to your audience in a way they like to be communicated with. According to Dr. Liraz Margalit, Ph.D.

“It’s much easier for us to become emotionally attached to something we watch in a video than something we read in an article.”

A new report from Magisto states that 85 percent of small businesses are currently using video or intend to use video in the near future, and two-thirds of small businesses create marketing videos at least four times a year.

 social media video for small businesses

The platforms are there for the taking

The plethora of video marketing platforms we have at our fingertips are available to all. Small businesses can put videos out on channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat just like multinational brands can. They may not have the audience initially, but if your video hits the mark, it will soon gain traction. With these exciting platforms waiting to be utilised, why wouldn’t you test out the power of video marketing?

Facebook video seems to have made an impact on audiences. There are now more than 50 million small businesses on the social network, and over 8 million video views on the platform a day. Facebook video appears to be working particularly well for small businesses.

Examples of small business video successes

You probably need to see it in order to believe it right? A growing collection of small businesses are cracking the video marketing code and making waves with viral videos. Here are a few examples:

August Oak Woodwork –  Recipe videos like this wonderfully simple idea “cooking” a box video, which has over 19,651,779 views, 103,913 likes and over 250,000 shares.

Bullfrog Spas – small budget YouTube series, “The Principal”. They were a finalist for Best Content Marketing Video Series at the 2015 Content Marketing Awards.

First Kiss  – a video created on a £1100 budget, which took the internet by storm and has had 120,586,162 views.

Creativity wins

All it takes is a little creativity, and carefully considering how to target your audience. Some of the very best videos out there are based on surprisingly straightforward concepts, or they’re simply things that haven’t been done before. If you take the normal formula or concept, and give it a new spin, like the cooking in a box video, you can take people by surprise and make a real impact.

This is how small businesses can win with video, through creativity, and working with a video company who possess the talent and ingenuity to create videos that inspire, evoke emotion, wow and sometimes, shock.

The growth of online video

Cisco predicts that 82% of all internet traffic will be video-related by 2020. So, in a few short years, those small businesses that don’t embrace video in some way will struggle to have a voice. Soon, video won’t be a choice for small businesses, it will be a necessity.