Learn how they grew, and how your restaurant can implement the same tactics

But if you’re using social media to promote your restaurant – you’ll find this article useful.

Pact Coffee is one of Britain’s most successful new food & drink brands of recent times. It’s a subscription coffee service set up in 2012.

In just two years it’s become large enough to raise £2 million from investors.

Social media has been at the heart of their marketing strategy. OK, you might not be “on a mission to bring better coffee to the world” – but you’ll probably learn a few things from them.

1. Conversational tone on posts. All the Pact status updates have a chatty conversational tone. Use the same friendly tone of voice you have with customers, on social media.

2. Use quality photography wherever possible. Pact make the most of top-quality photography to advertise their products, to make it visually appealing. On social media, it pays to use professional photography where possible to advertise the products on your menu.

3. Repost positive reviews. Pact take full advantage of good publicity.You should too! Take positive reviews about your restaurant from Trip Advisor etc. and use them as tweets or status updates.

Pact Coffee delivery

4. Get involved with the community you’re in. Share what’s going on in the local area. Pact usually tell people about events going on near their offices in Shoreditch and Bermondsey, London. If there are nearby businesses or local festivals – be sure to mention them and their hashtags and you’ll attract more passing trade.

5. Celebrity photos with your brand. If you have the chance to bump into celebrities (even just local celebrities) – ask for a photo with them. Pact got a picture of one of their student ambassadors with Hugh Grant. After sharing it on Instagram, they got 71 likes and reached a new audience.

Hugh Grant and Pact Coffee

6. Understand the interests of your customers and share similar, relevant content. Pact has an audience of bearded hipsters and young-folk in London. The company shared offers from brands that their audience is interested in, like this discount code for POZU shoes. You could share local news, offers or interesting articles.

If you’re friendly with neighbouring shopkeepers – it might be worth teaming up. You could suggest promoting each other, and your deals on social media.

Pact coffee discount

Social media is a long-term strategy. It does take time to build a follower base, but it can pay off if you’re on top of it.

Also don’t forget to ask your customers to follow and like you on social networks while they’re in your restaurant.

If you’re using social networks, investing in a professional photoshoot would do your profiles a world of good. You’ll be able to post remarkable photos, stand out in a crowded marketplace and get your posts shared more widely.

Bakehouse offer professional food photography to restaurants, takeaways, B&Bs and hotels. We can help your food look much prettier than it would with an iPhone and an Instagram filter.

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