There are lots of words that are thrown about when it comes to social media, and most of them are usually justified in some way. Examples range from “engagement” and “interaction” (which can mean very different things), to “targeted” and the overused “viral”. However, we believe that three essential requirements of social media for business are for it to be “specific”, “achievable” and “measurable”. Here’s why…

  1. Your social media content and voice should be specific to not only your industry, but also your individual brand. By posting media that’s highly relevant, especially that which has been specially commissioned, you can convey suitable messages to the right audiences.
  2. Everyone wants their social influence to wrap around the world twice over, but is it really likely? Probably not, unless you’re putting thousands of pounds into boosting posts each month. However, what’s achievable is an improved reach and key messages being assimilated when you share content that has purpose, direction and longevity.
  3. When social media is measurable, it means that you can clearly see the impact it’s having on your audience. A highly successful tool for enhancing metrics is a set of bespoke photos that genuinely represent your brand, such as that beautiful stack of pancakes below that we snapped for ICON Nutrition. Note the amount of likes and shares – sweet!

At Bakehouse, we capture images for specific applications that will achieve results that can be easily measured. To find out more, please visit our Social Media Photography section. #winning