⦿ Steadicam Scout HD
⦿ Steadicam Crew
⦿ Sony FS5 camera

Having access to our own Steadicam is a great benefit to our clients. We can quickly set up a variety of smooth shots, walking, running, tilting, panning and moving professional cameras through the action. The steadicam is great when you need tracking shots quickly and don't have the time, space or resources to set up dolly tracks.

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Professional, smooth tracking shots

When the action is moving and you need to follow along with a camera, our Steadicam is the perfect solution. The Steadicam solution is the industry standard to hand held, perfectly smooth tracking shots. 

Few tools add production value like the Steadicam. A staple of many TV productions the Steadicam will add an established high-end aesthetic to any production. Steadicam shots immediately increase the perceived 'value' of a film.

Versatile payload

Our Steadicam will lift professional cameras up to 8kg in weight, that means we can provide high quality 4K footage, using any of our cine lenses, including powered zooms.


Add professional, stable tracking footage to your next project.

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