⦿ Steadicam Scout HD
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⦿ Sony FS5 camera

Having access to our own Steadicam is a great benefit to our clients. We can quickly set up a variety of smooth shots, walking, running, tilting, panning and moving professional cameras through the action. The jib is great when you need dolly shots or tracking shots quickly, without having extensive time to setup dolly tracks.

Steadicam Operator - Hull, Yorkshire

Steadicam Operators

Steadicam Scout HD + Sony FS5


Dolly not an option

Sometimes there isn't the time, budget or space to setup dolly tracks. Additionally, dollies generally require flat surfaces and extensive time is needed to reset track if the shot needs tweaking. That's where the Steadicam comes in.

Adds production value

Few tools add quick production value like the Steadicam. Now a staple of many TV productions the Steadicam will add an established aesthetic to any production. Steadicam shots immediately increase the perceived 'value' of a film.

Versatile payload

Our Steadicam will lift professional cameras up to 8kg in weight, that means we can provide high quality 4K footage, using any of our cine lenses, including powered zooms.

4 axis gimbal

The market is flooded with 3 axis gimbals, and all have one common challenge. They cannot eliminate the bobbing of the operator's footsteps. The Steadicam articulated arm acts as the 4th axis to provide silky smooth shots. 


Our Four-Step Creative Process

Producing video content for your business doesn't need to be complicated, or take up lots of your time. We make it simple with a four-step process, ensuring that objectives are met and your final film rocks.


We believe that a chat over a cuppa makes all the difference. You can then have as much or as little input as you wish.


Initial ideas, storyboarding, scripts and the overall style are pitched to you according to your needs.


The fun bit! We capture footage to an agreed plan and schedule, leaving wiggle room for last-minute ideas.


You can review the project during our creative editing process, leading to awesome results that you'll love.