We’re very lucky to know Tikk, an awesome guy from Thailand who fell in love with food at a very young age. Having worked in kitchens and restaurants everywhere from Koh Samui to London’s Piccadilly, Tikk is now based in our wonderful home county of Yorkshire. However, he hasn’t quite settled in one place yet, as his street food van, Tikk’s Thai Kitchen, is always on the road!

Whilst the flavour purveyor’s mouthwatering meals are celebrated at weddings, festivals and everywhere in-between, he required some dazzling food photography to help his brand to expand online. That’s where we came in, using our state-of-the-art equipment to capture his delectable creations on film, as well as sample some of the tender meats, fluffy rice and perfectly prepared vegetables that make Tikk’s Thai Kitchen such a sensation.

We highly recommend that you seek out Tikk and chow down on some incredible street food. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and make sure to say “sawadee” to the chef.

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