Learn about tools that will save you time, and let you get more done as a restaurant owner

Thanks to software and new websites, there are many ways you can cut down on the time you spend managing your restaurant. And that means you can spend more time on marketing and bringing punters in.

7Shifts – Organise staff rotas, remind them of their shifts and plan ahead

How much time do you spend every month organising rotas, phoning staff up and sorting out payroll? 7Shifts is a staff scheduling app designed for restaurant owners that will help you to make your life easier. The software helps you plan rotas, days off and what you owe staff.

It can text and email employees so they know when their shifts are. It has a tool that shows you much you owe employees depending on the hours they’ve worked.

It also helps you plan your staff requirements depending on your expected sales for a week.

If you’re curious, it might be worth using their free 14-day trial to see how much time it could save you.

People Per Hour – Find somebody to design your menus

If you need a menu or any design work in your restaurant – PeoplePerHour is a great place to find somebody.

There’s a quiet army of independent creative people in the UK, who are always looking for work. For a few quid you can get a professional to design your menu.

The example below is by a designer that charges £60 at time of writing.

Restaurant owners in Hull

The flyer below for a pub is designed by Carlos, a graphic designer in Portugal. He’s charging £28 for that service.

Hull beer

Another example is this menu below is designed by Jamie M in the UK for £38.

Smokehouse style menu Beverley

As you can see you can get some really high-quality design at very reasonable prices. The work is likely to be of higher quality than what you can do yourself in Paint or Publisher. And it will save you plenty of time too.

If money’s tight, there are some cheaper options on the site Fiverr where designers will create you a menu for just $5. But generally we wouldn’t recommend it as you get what you pay for.

EPOS – Organising deliveries and ordering food and drinks

An EPOS (Electronic Point of Service) system records all orders in your restaurant. Then you can use that information to know the inventory that you need to replace.

Ignore this tip if your restaurant already uses one. However, if you’re just using pen-and-paper to keep an inventory, an EPOS system could save you time and be a great long-term investment.

EPOS.co.uk have a beginners guide to EPOS systems in the UK.

Photography from Bakehouse to stand out

With all the free time, you’ll generate by implementing these tips you’ll be able to spend more time on marketing your business.

Whatever you plan to do – great photography is critical to all marketing efforts in a food business.

At Bakehouse we offer high-quality photography to restaurants, bars and hotels across Yorkshire. With just a few minutes on the phone to us, we can arrange a shoot. Then in a few days we can give you some mouth-watering photos!

You can use your images for leaflets, online listings, social media, ads in the paper, sandwich boards in the street… well, the list is endless. And you can be confident that it will pay dividends for years to come.

What are you waiting for? Contact Ben on 01482 420501 or email [email protected] to arrange a shoot today.