Turn local web searches in to new customers with Google Business View

When someone searches online for your business, what do you want them to find? Products, directions and contact details should be at the top of your list, but that’s usually where the online experience ends. The visitor leaves your website with their curiosity satisfied, whereas what you really want is for their curiosity to be piqued.

So, how do you achieve this? Images, testimonials and videos can help, as can a good website design. However, in order to really get online visitors interested you need to give them a taste of the actual customer experience, and that can only be achieved through a virtual tour.

The Bakehouse Studio Google Business View package grabs the attention of site visitors and searchers. With internet users shopping with their eyes, your site will welcome them through your door and offer free rein to explore, all thanks to a fully interactive 360-degree tour.

We’re here to get you more footfall by increasing your web traffic. Whether you own a coffee lounge or restaurant, a hair salon or pet shop, get in touch with Ben on 01482 420501 to find out how Google Business View can convert virtual visits into actual ones.