Each year, The University of Hull welcomes students from across the world to its campus. To achieve this, they must first clearly communicate the reasons for studying there, especially when someone is travelling thousands of miles and leaving their family behind to do so. With around 130 UK universities to choose from, the best way to stand out from the crowd is through engaging video content.

This video in particular combines many of Bakehouse Studio’s services, including individual interviews, corporate filming, highly visual time-lapses, shots of other attractive areas such as Newland Avenue, and even some aerial footage from our sister company Bakehouse Aerial.

The Malaysian students that we interviewed were fantastic, and part of the subsequent editing process was to single out the parts that really popped. A prime example is “it’s a family away from home”, which conveys the social, emotional and welfare factors that are essential when studying abroad.

This video is now being used as part of the International Office’s strategy to encourage more young Malaysian people to invest their time in a degree at Hull University, and the fact that we’re the UK City of Culture for 2017 helps a bit too. 

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