Video is quickly becoming the go to tool for marketers, and with no other medium able to communicate as quickly or effectively, it’s easy to see why.

Video has a variety of uses in your marketing strategy, but have you considered using it in email marketing?

Just ask yourself if you’d like…

  • More conversions?
  • Better brand awareness?
  • To educate your audience?

Then you need to be using video in your email campaigns, but don’t just take our word for it.

In a study carried out by the good people at eMarketer, more than half of marketing bods who opted to use video in email campaigns saw better click-through rates, more shares and forwards, along with greater time spent reading the email itself.

In other words, their audience was more engaged.

But where to start? Lucky for you, our expert team have compiled their top tips for video email marketing success!

1.   Create a Mini Series

Breaking your content down into smaller chunks to create a series of videos may help to keep your audience excited and anticipating what is to come.

2.   Strong Call to Action

Make sure both your video and email have a call to action so your audience know what to do next.

Try asking a question then invite your audience to share their response on social media, or how about asking them to fill out a short form?

Other examples include sign up for a webinar, enter to win, vote, find out more or watch another video.

3.   Test “Video” In Your Subject Line

Including the word “video” in your subject line may actually make your email more appealing to your audience in their inbox, so consider A/B testing 2 different subject lines to test.

Most email marketing software will allow you to run automated A/B tests, with the winning version being sent to the majority of your database.

4.   Ditch Autoplay

Research suggests that Autoplay doesn’t actually help your audience to engage, and could actually put them off. Make it clear there’s a video there to watch – either embed it or include a ‘Play’ button, then let your audience watch it in their own time.

So, to recap…

If you’re still not sold that using video in email marketing is for your business, here’s just a handful more benefits you’re likely to reap from doing so…

  • Videos get your message across easily
  • They save time – both your business’ and your audience’s – by getting information across quickly and succinctly
  • It’s proven that viewers feel more positive about a given product after watching a video – you could go viral!

If all of that wasn’t enough to persuade you, then consider this… Video email marketing helps to improve your Google search ranking, meaning your existing and potential customers can find your business easier.

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