In the fast-paced world which we live in, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to take advantage of the different technologies available to them in order to reach their customers.

Arguably one of the most effective ways to do this is through video.

But how can video help grow your business successfully?

Video should support your wider business activity, and reinforce the pieces of the puzzle mentioned above. So where to begin? Following our tips is a good place to start…

Tip 1 – Make Your Brand Memorable

If your business is to grow, it’s crucial you set yourself apart from your competitors. Your product or service offering should be memorable and get people talking.

So how can video help you with this?

Create promotional videos that boost brand awareness and encourage engagement from your audience. These shouldn’t be a hard-sell, but a way of getting customers to engage with your brand.

Your video shouldn’t lose sight of your brand’s identity – and it should personify exactly what your company is about.

Industry experts agree that video is one of the strongest tools when it comes to building your brand.

We can help tell your business’s story, in the right way. Check out Brand Story Videos here. 

Tip 2 – Build Customer Confidence

Everyone knows it’s much easier to get more business from your existing clients than attract new ones, and video can play an important role in this.

Use case studies and testimonials to market why your customers should continue to buy from your business.

Not only is this kind of content great for reengaging with existing customers, it’ll also help new customers who are in the final stages of the decision process, make that final decision to use your business.

Here at Bakehouse we can help turn endorsements into business performance. Find out more here.

Tip 3 – Recruit Great People

You might be thinking – “What the heck has video got to do with recruiting staff?”.

Well, in our experience – a lot.

Video is a great way to communicate your business’s values and why people should join your team.

Here at Bakehouse Productions we have produced a wide variety of videos for a whole host of different industries, to help attract and recruit the key people who will be instrumental in the growth of our client’s businesses.

One of the sectors using video to their advantage is education; where video is used not only to attract students and applications, but also teachers, trainers and staff.

Check out just one of the videos we have created for a client in this sector here.

Start growing your business with video today

Now is the perfect time to invest in video as part of your marketing strategy, and we have helped hundreds of business across Yorkshire, The Humber and the rest of the UK generate real results through purposeful video marketing.

Whether you have little or no idea how you imagine your business to be represented using video – we can help.

Get in touch today with your ideas, aims and objectives, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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