From start to end, we document your delivery of high end construction projects, helping stakeholders and clients to understand exactly what you've achieved and where you are against plans.

From cut and fill to the final pane of glass, your showcase projects deserve to be captured on film. Whether you're promoting your work to future clients, or keeping stakeholders up to date throughout a build, we can help you to document your important milestones.

How you can benefit from our services...

We make videos for the construction industry.

Keep stakeholders up to date. When multiple stakeholders need regular updates, nothing is more convenient or descriptive than progress video. Weekly or monthly video allows everyone to be on the same page.

York and Hull Video Production for Construction Projects

Marketing and promotion. A project build video is your opportunity to demonstrate excellence and capability to future clients, helping them to understand exactly how you can bring their project to life.

Videos Production for Construction industry in York

Communicate key facts. We use motion graphics to present facts and statistics along side your film, helping viewers to understand exactly what you're capable of.

York video production for the construction sector.

CSR. Many projects have corporate social responsibility considerations and obligations. Video is an excellent way of building community engagement and outreach.

Flexible and safe on-site filming and aerial progress videos.

We're film production professionals that don't need babysitting on site. We're experienced and highly capable, with a raft of experience to draw upon. When you need your project captured on film, we can get the job done on time, and on budget.

Bakehouse filmed a large construction project for R G Carter Construction, for several days over the course of nearly a year. Not only were they professional throughout the project, but the resulting films were of outstanding quality and they worked tirelessly over their weekends to deliver the final result. We are exceptionally happy with Bakehouse, and would highly recommend them for their filming expertise.
Matt O'Malley, Project Manager, RG Carter
Tim Gray Corrboard and Dairi-Pak