Presenter-led Videos

Say it better with the right presenter

Some topics just work better with a quality presenter. Communicate your key messages in a friendly, engaging and personable way – with presenter-led videos from Bakehouse Productions.

Whether you’re looking to educate staff members, promote products and services, or inform your customers, the right presenter will bring personality, confidence and trust to your videos.


Why Bakehouse?

With experience crafting a huge range of presenter-led content, we will deliver videos that reflect your business perfectly and helps you to achieve your goals.

With a presenter-led video from Bakehouse Productions, you will benefit from:

The right presenter

Whatever your project, we will ensure you get the right person for the task in hand. You’ll benefit from confident presenters that are appropriate for your audience, match the personality of your brand and will deliver your key messages in the right way.

Engaging video

Presenters are great for injecting some personality and polish into your corporate videos. At Bakehouse, we understand how best to utilise the strengths of the format – so you benefit from engaging, professional videos that present your business in the best light.

A winning script

The script and narrative will make or break your presenter-led video. Our specialist team of creative commercial scriptwriters will ensure that your video feels natural and authentic – providing all the information you want it to in a clear, concise manner.

A clear focus

Every video we create is made with a purpose in mind. Whatever you want to achieve in your business, our team will help you make it happen – in presenter-led videos, clearly focused on your commercial goals.