Training and E-learning

Effective training video content

Interesting training is effective training. Get engaging, compelling and informative training videos to meet the needs of your organisation, with support from Bakehouse Productions.

Supporting training providers and businesses in every industry, we produce training and e-learning videos for every purpose. Whether you are looking to on-board staff, or need materials to support dedicated training programmes, you can depend on Bakehouse to deliver.


Why Bakehouse?

Our team has a wealth of experience producing professional training videos and e-learning videos on a huge range of different topics. We’re trusted by training providers and businesses across the UK to deliver professional, perfectly pitched educational video content to enhance the effectiveness of training.

Bakehouse e-learning and training videos are:


We understand that there is no single best way to deliver training messages. Pitching all the important information at just the right level for your audience, we specialise in distilling complex training principles and essential learning points into effective training videos.   


Training videos shouldn’t ever be boring. At Bakehouse, we will ensure that your video content gets the messages across in a creative, interesting manner – capturing the attention of the audience and maintaining it throughout the video.


If your training videos are to achieve their objectives, they need to be easy to understand and memorable. We focus on your goals and the core objectives of your training – ensuring that videos are clear, easily digestible and deliver all the right information.

Useful training tools

Training and e-learning videos should add value to your training programmes – they should never be a compromise or afterthought. We deliver truly valuable teaching tools – carefully planned, meticulously researched and professionally produced.