Video Microcontent | Video Marketing Production | Hull, UK

What is it.

Regular video microcontent for businesses wishing to develop an online video marketing presence.

What is microcontent?

Microcontent (in this case) is short, professionally made video that can be shared around your social channels, website and email campaigns. Typically videos will be less than a minute in length and act as a visual asset around which you can build further engagement.

Microcontent and ‘less than a minute’ doesn’t sound quite right for us?

We see microcontent as a part of an overall video strategy. When you need longer, more complicated or more in-depth video content – we’re here to help. Microcontent provides the opportunity to maintain engagement, through video, at a lower cost than commissioning a full video project.

Are microcontent videos based on animation?

Not in this case. People buy from people. For that reason we prefer microcontent that shows the human face of your company. If you want to build a strategy around animation, get in touch.

Idea generation.

We’ve got a stack of seed ideas, which can be combined with your industry specific sector, the seasons and current affairs to ensure an endless supply of engaging content. That said, many people have a specific initial requirement (i.e. Tax tips for an accountant, or product highlight for a fashion store). Regardless, we work with you to lift the burden of creating regular fresh ideas.


We’re from proven business and marketing backgrounds, we want your video content to have purpose. Whether you’re looking to increase engagement on social media, or move customers through your sales funnel – we can help.