Video Commissioning Guide | Video Production Tips | Bakehouse Productions


Commissioning a new video is an exciting and sometimes confusing experience, especially if you’re new to creating a video brief; however, at Bakehouse we’re always here to talk you through the process and make it as easy as possible.

The procedure for commissioning a video can be broken down into a few basics…

The Brief

The brief doesn’t need to be complicated, all it does is explain what you’d like to achieve and how we can help you convey everything to screen.

  • What you want from your video.
  • Who’s the intended audience.
  • Where you’re going to show the video.
  • Any specific theme or feel you want to give the video.
  • Timescales and delivery deadlines for the project.

Once you have these four elements, the rest of the brief will come easily. As with all creative work, the more detailed the brief is, the easier it will be to stay on budget and produce the finished project on time. It also gives us a good idea of what you want and will make it easier for us to deliver exactly on your objectives.

The Proposal

This is the part where us at Bake House get busy! We’ll work within your brief to give you an idea of what’s possible, a solid idea of the budget necessary plus any other creative input we might have.

  • We’ll outline our creative thoughts and ideas.
  • Tell you what your budget should be for filming.
  • A schedule that works within your deadlines.
  • A meeting with the team to discuss the process and proposal.

The Script

Once we’ve helped you understand the budget and process, we’ll get to work on a storyboard or script that delivers exactly what you want to see on screen. Generally speaking, most scripts are word based unless there’s an animation element to your video.

It’s always a great idea to show the script to all stakeholders in your business to gauge their ideas and thoughts, although we would advise that you don’t include too many voices in the final production. “Too many cooks, spoil the broth” is a great way to describe the problems that occur if too many stakeholders become involved in the creative process.

If you’re filming for a large company or SME, it’s often better to allow just one or two people to become intricately involved with the video production process. This doesn’t mean people can’t have small amounts of input but a smaller team will make communication and creative choices flow much easier.

The Shoot

This is where it gets exciting! Our producer will organise the shoot and ensure that all the correct parts are brought together at the right time, ensuring a smooth shoot and flow to proceedings.

At this point, communication is vital and our producer will look to make quick decisions regarding certain elements to ensure the camera crew is not left waiting. To help make sure the shooting process is smooth, please ensure that you have access to any areas we need to visit and that any staff members you wish us to interview will be ready and available.

One way in which Bake House can help, is to film your location during a quieter period. This can be especially helpful if your business has peaks and troughs in demand, we can take advantage of this and film during a period of downtime.

A good shoot requires lots of enthusiasm, quick thinking, prior planning and good communication. At Bake House, we will work with you to ensure this happens before the film starts rolling.

Post Production (‘The Edit’)

After the shooting has been completed, it’s time for us to edit and create the finished project. We’ll firstly create a “rough cut” which may not look pretty, yet it will give a firm idea of what to expect in the final cut.

It’s at this point you’ll be able to work with our team to get just the right finish and make any small alterations to the final product.

Once any alterations have been agreed upon, we’ll produce the final cut, this is the finished product and will have the look and feel of a highly professional and creative film.

Review, Delivery / Duplication

Depending on your needs, we’ll do one of a number of things.

  • Work to deliver a format. (DVD, Web based video)
  • Deliver the format within your timescale.
  • Ensure the format is encoded properly and works for your audience.

This can sometimes be more complex than you would think as different types of platform require specific formats. Here at Bakehouse we’re capable of producing almost any format so please feel free to talk to us about your options.