Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

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You’ve probably heard by now that video is a crucial part of any businesses marketing strategy. But just in case you’re not completely sold, here’s a few more reasons why your business should be embracing video.

Video = Connectivity

Your business is more than your strategy, mission and values, and it’s your responsibility to bring that to life. Your brand is constantly evolving, so choose video to keep you audience connected and attract new customers. Video is far more effective than text at creating an immediate and authentic route of interaction with your customers.

Where are your customers?

Finding out where your customers are hanging out online is crucial. Do they spend hours on YouTube? Maybe they prefer Facebook? Or are they Instagram addicts? Whichever platform they prefer, chances are it supports video in a big way.

Do your research to see which platform is best suited to your customers, and then publish video content there.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

Video growth shows no sign of slowly down

By 2019 most online content (80 percent in fact) will be video marketing. That’s huge. Can your business afford to not be a part of that?

Here’s some more startling stats that prove just how quickly video is taking over the world:

  • 90% of consumers say that product video directly influence purchase decisions
  • 92% of video watched on mobile are shared
  • 95% of consumers retain information communicated via video, compared to just 10% from reading

We hope we’ve convinced you why your business should be incorporating video into its marketing strategy if you aren’t already, but if you wish to discuss further we’d love to chat.

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