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Our Recipe For Amazing Timelapse Footage


Timelapse adds pace and interest to films. Done right it will significantly increase your film’s production value. We use Kessler motion control to create awesome timelapse shots.


⦿Kessler motion control ⦿ Precision motion control ⦿ Pro cameras, pro 4K & HD

Bend Time

If you need to show the passage of time, well – the clue is in the name! Timelapse can turn hours into seconds, a creative choice that can have a massive impact on business video.

How It Works

We use a Kessler slider and Second Shooter+ to move the camera precisely over a period of minutes or hours. Images are processed and joined together in to a suitabke video format.

Hook Your Audience

Something about timelapse arrests an audiences attention. Quality timelaps can hook a viewer and keep them interested. It’s a great device to use for the first few seconds of a video.

Example applications

Timelapse works well to show lengthy industrial processes or the movement of people and vehicles. It is also a useful device to add interest to essential shots.

I have used Bakehouse on a couple of productions for TV. Their skills as aerial cinematographers are first class. They are both professional and courteous and knowledgeable in their field. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional filming services.

David Niven

Producer, Hat Trick Productions

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