Ephemeral content is content that only lasts for a short period of time before disappearing, and it’s becoming increasingly popular thanks to the likes of Snapchat.

With Instagram and Facebook hot on its heels, it’s clear to see that this type of content is here to stay. But ‘Why should I be using it?!’, we hear you cry! Let Bakehouse explain…

It’s authentic

There’s something about this disappearing, time-limited content that creates a real sense of authenticity.

Sure, your polished, branded content is great too. But we’re increasingly seeing that consumers who choose to follow brands on Instagram or Snapchat are reporting increased trust and more excitement for the brand on the whole.

Increased trust in your brand = a greater chance they’re going to buy from you.

No one likes missing out

FOMO (or Fear of Missing Out) is no longer reserved for that great Netflix show everyone is bingeing, it’s now what consumers are experiencing when they don’t check out what their favourite brands are upto on social media.

Try using video for Q&A sessions or how-tos, that your audience won’t find anywhere else. This kind of content coupled with FOMO will have them tuning in more regularly.

Publishing exclusive ephemeral content on certain platforms will allow you to drive traffic there from other channels; using FOMO to your advantage!

It offers a BTS view

That’s “behind the scenes” to you and I.

Everybody loves a sneak peek, a behind the scenes view of what’s going on. Not only does it add to the authenticity of your brand, but it’s another factor that will keep your audience coming back for me.

Manufacture a product? How about showing the production process?

Offer services? Why not showcase the prep work that your team put in to deliver such a service?

The possibilities for behind the scenes video content really are endless! Not sure where ot start? We’d be happy to advise you!

Mobile heavy

The great thing about ephemeral content is that it doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact, it can be produced by anyone with a smartphone (and that’s a whopping 77% of adults, in case you were wondering!)

With no need for fancy equipment, ephemeral content is accessible for businesses and brands of all sizes – from your start-ups to your multi-million-pound companies.

Amazing engagement

You probably already know that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared by your audience on social media.

Yes, you read that right. FORTY TIMES MORE LIKELY.

Not only is visual content more likely to be shared far and wide, it also provides super high engagement as a result. And an engaged audience is a warm audience.

To wrap it up…

It’s clear that ephemeral content isn’t going anywhere, but don’t feel limited by its expiry date fashion.

Use that to your advantage to show a real, authentic side to your business, and engage with your customers in a fun, friendly way!

Bakehouse are experienced in crafting all different kinds of video content, lots of which would work perfectly for platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Get in touch today to figure out how you can incorporate ephemeral video content into your marketing mix.

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