Do you know why image based social sites, such as Pinterest, are so popular? Or why the most popular, viral, memes have an image at the centre of them?

It is no accident that companies invest so heavily in image based marketing; the human brain reacts very strongly to visual stimuli, making judgements about what it ‘sees’ almost immediately.

When it comes to pictures, we are very particular about what we do and do not like – if we see something that reminds us of something unpleasant, then we generally steer away from it. The opposite is true for ‘nicer’ images, which is why fast food photography never looks like the food in the tray, and why fashion model photographs are liberally airbrushed – attractive images, well, attract. 

Visual media and your local business listings

65% of the population are visual learners, which means that the majority of us digest information more easily if we can see it happening, or it is displayed for us, in a bright and attractive way.

two thirds of people respond to visuals content like corporate headshots

There are lots of infographics to support this, some better looking than others

Marketers and advertisers have been using this knowledge to sell us things for decades, but how does this help with your local business listing with Google?

Put simply, attractive images sell. Google already places emphasis on listings with quality visuals, but what does ‘quality’ mean?

Google’s definition of quality probably differs quite a lot from that of your intended audience. A correctly sized and labelled picture might suit a search enginer, but what about the person doing the actual search? A drab photograph isn’t going to be enough!

Professional photography is your friend, and your local customers will thank you for it

The thing that many people often forget is that there are several ‘streams’ in Google search, and the more streams you get noticed in the better.

searching for a hull commercial photographer

The page that most people are familiar with is the default search view, but if you look just above the results page you will see links to other streams, for example Google Images.

Remember what we said about visual stimuli? Videos and images are an excellent attention grabber, and the higher the quality the better.

Images can be optimised using ‘alt-tags’ and descriptions, both of which help Google to understand what the picture is about and therefore serve more accurate results.

How effective are images at attracting visitor clicks?

Recent research suggests that content with high quality images attracts 94% more views than content without images.

While this study relates to users and web content, the same principle applies to searchers and search results pages (SERPs). High quality imagery, attracts views. Does a high view count matter? Of course, because views equals sales… Kind of.

It’s a numbers game, and that’s all marketing is in the end; the more people you attract, the greater your chances of making a sale.

Excellent content is one thing, excellent content with professional photography or video is a force to be reckoned with. The text and images that you use, work together to bring in those all-important visitor clicks and views.

Implementing photography in your marketing drive

Bakehouse can help you to get the images that you need… 

We will work with you, bringing our years of experience to the table, helping to ensure your vision is captured perfectly. 

Local advertising aside, high quality images and photographs help to build trust in a brand, because people do business with other people.

Do you know what many big businesses today have in common? They are run by visible CEOs.

If a business has a ‘face’ it lends itself more credibility than if the person at the wheel hid themselves away. This is why the personal blogs of Richard Branson, Larry Page, and Melissa Mayer to name a few, are so popular – and why their respective companies are so well trusted; if not always free from controversy.

Personal blogs are not for everyone or every company, and that’s fine – but consumers still want to see who they are dealing with and that means the classic business headshot.

a business headshot of company owner in hull

Great for promotional material, a ‘who’s who’ page on your website or even as part of your overall branding – the headshot is trust in a cup. Some companies use them quietly, in social media profile photos or posts, others use them loud and proud on their website – but the majority of successful, businesses use them to help to build relationships.

Images are a very powerful attractor, and you should never take the human eye for aesthetics for granted!

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